Apprentice Training

Apprentice Training

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An apprenticeship is a great way to develop skills in plumbing-heating-cooling and learn the trade while on the job. You’ll not only gain important training and skills by working alongside someone with years of experience, but you’ll be paid while doing it.

Most individuals starting out in the p-h-c field begin as an apprentice. During your apprenticeship, you’ll take classroom courses to supplement your training and round out your full knowledge and education. Here are some options available through the PHCC Educational Foundation:

HVAC & Plumbing Pre-Apprenticeship Course

Want to learn a little more about the p-h-c industry and what to expect while on the job? This online course is designed for prospective apprentices to gain more information before starting their apprenticeships. It will provide you with the basics of working in the industry as well as key skills and techniques to help you succeed during your apprenticeship.

PHCC Academy® Apprenticeship Courses

Supplement your apprenticeship training with online apprenticeship-related instruction that can substitute for classroom instruction. This program by the PHCC Educational Foundation is recognized by the U.S. Department of Labor, Employment & Training Administration, Office of Apprenticeship, as a reasonable option for apprentice training. Each course is the equivalent of one year of classroom instruction. On-the-job training must be coordinated with a participating employer. The Foundation’s PHCC Academy® apprenticeship courses offer give students fast feedback on their performance and allow for self-paced instruction.

Scholarship information

Help fund your p-h-c training through the PHCC Educational Foundation’s scholarships. Students in plumbing or HVAC apprenticeship programs, including the Foundation’s  PHCC Academy® courses, can apply and win scholarships being awarded this year. Deadline is May 1.